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This year's Heritage Hills Elementary theme for Bullying Awareness week is Be YOU!

The focus is on having the courage to BE YOU and with that comes the importance of encouraging and accepting others. When we understand others, it only leaves room for kindness and empathy!

Each day our morning student announcers will be sharing encouraging words:

Monday's announcements were:  

We’d like to ask everyone to begin this week by doing an easy task. Simply turn to a classmate and say the following words: I believe in you. Ready? Start. [ Pause for 10 seconds ] Think about how that tiny sentence made your classmate feel. How did it feel to say it? Also, think about how you felt when someone spoke those words to you. The truth is, giving and receiving encouraging words will often feel as good as giving and receiving a birthday gift. So today before lunch, pick another person and give them the gift of your encouraging words!

Each day this week our students will also have the opportunity to participate in activities which encourage us to learn more about each other, share our talents, appreciate our unique differences as well as our similarities.  


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