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Additional April Newsletter Items

Junior High Information Nights: Running April and May

Junior high schools across EIPS are hosting information nights for all Grade 6 students and their families—taking place in April and May. Make sure to attend to learn everything you need to know about the junior high programs at your child’s school. Those who attend will also have a chance to:

· meet the teachers;

· tour the school and classrooms;

· learn about the upcoming curriculum; and

· ask questions.

For specific dates and times, see: EIPS Junior High Information Sessions 2024

Get ready for Kindergarten

Do you have a child registered in kindergarten next year? If so, make sure to attend Heritage Hills upcoming Kindergarten Information Night on May 23. 

You’ll get to:

· tour the school;

· meet the teachers;

· gain insight on play-based learning; and

· see what a typical day looks like.

Kindergarten Information Night 2024:

Date: May 23, 2024

Time: 6-7 pm

Location: Heritage Hills Elementary 

To make the transition to school as smooth as possible, Elk Island Public Schools has put together a toolkit for families. The kit includes information about registration, important dates, programming options, what to expect, eligibility, finding your designated school, transportation and more. Find it at: Welcome to EIPS Kindergarten.

Additional information about  Heritage Hills Elementary's kindergarten program is available on the school website

EIPS Annual Education Results Report

Every year, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) publishes an Annual Education Results Report, which outlines the Division’s Four-Year Education Plan, opportunities for growth and how it’s supporting students to achieve the best possible outcomes. Read through this year’s EIPS Annual Education Results Report 2022-23 and discover how EIPS fosters learning environments for all students to learn, grow and thrive—and why it matters.

April Spotlight: enhancing public education through effective engagement


EIPS Four-Year Education Plan: 2022-26

EIPS Three-Year Capital Plan: 2024-27

A big THANK YOU to EIPS Volunteers

National Volunteer Week takes place April 14-20. On behalf of the Board of Trustees at Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS), I want to extend my most heartfelt thanks to all EIPS volunteers. Every time you’ve contributed, whether it was helping on a class field trip or planning a school event for families to enjoy, you were there at a moment when we needed you. Students needed you, staff needed you, the community needed you—and you answered the call. These are moments that matter and are ones that make a difference in a student’s experience at their school.

So, thank you again for being there. Without you, EIPS would not be what it is today, and schools wouldn’t be able to do all the wonderful things they do. This National Volunteer Week, I encourage everyone to celebrate the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of hours put into supporting student growth and achievement at schools across the Division.

Cathy Allen Chair, EIPS Board of Trustees

Did you know?

Alberta Reserves are accumulated surplus funds that may be designated to a school, department or priority. The Board of Trustees approves the transfer of funds to and from reserves and has a yearly plan on how those reserves are used—to the benefit of students. EIPS identifies high-demand areas and uses its operating reserves for initiatives like student learning, new curriculum work, consultant support, mental health initiatives, technology upgrades, public-health best practices and other one-time projects. Operating reserves are also used to furnish and equip new schools and classrooms. With its capital reserves, EIPS replaces ageing equipment, purchases technology, modernizes and expands student learning spaces, and funds emergent capital needs.

Learn more: 

Pre-kindergarten Programming at EIPS

Is there a preschooler in your life experiencing developmental delays or challenges with speech-language or motor-skill development—big or small? If so, Elk Island Public School’s Play And Learn at School (PALS) program could help.

Early learning lays the foundation for success in primary grades and beyond. As such, EIPS offers the pre-kindergarten PALS program in five of its elementary school locations. Applications are now open for free speech-language assessments for those interested in registering in the PALS program this fall. The assessment helps determine if PALS is appropriate for your child.

If you know a preschooler, born in 2020 or 2021, who could benefit from pre-kindergarten programming or want to book an assessment, fill out the PALS Program Request Form or call 780-417-8219. For more information, visit

Understanding the New K-6 Curriculum: A session for Parents

This session will introduce parents to the New K-6 Science curriculum. Participants should note that the new K-6 was implemented at the Grade K-3 level in 2023-2024 school year with optional implementation in grades 4-6. In the upcoming school year (2024-2025) all Grade 4-6 classrooms will be implementing the new Science curriculum. In this session, a 45 minute presentation will walk parents through the new curriculum. The presentation will help parents understand its structure and provide an overview of the content for grades K-6. Time for a Q and A will be made available at the end of the session. Register


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