French Immersion

We love French! And, we want your children to love it, too!

Heritage Hills is pleased to offer both English and French Immersion programming from K-6. 

Students typically begin studying in a French Immersion program in Kindergarten or Grade 1. In a few special instances, students may enter in the program later in Grade 1 or at the beginning of Grade 2, but it is judged on a case by case basis.

You don't need to speak French to be part of our French Immersion family! In fact, most of our parents do not speak French, but they see the value of giving their children the gift of an added language and appreciate that learning another language can enrich childrens' brain development.

French Immersion is designed so that students learn, create and play in French as much as possible throughout the day. We strive to develop students who are proficient in the language in speaking, writing, reading and thinking and have an appreciation of the Francophone culture. We want all of our learners to be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy all the benefits of being fluent in French whether it's for personal reasons, family connections, enjoying cultural events, travel or simply for opening doors in their future.

All core subjects (Social Studies, Math, Science, French Language Arts, Physical Education and Wellness, and Art) are taught in French.

The learning outcomes in French Immersion are identical to the learning outcomes in English. For example, in Grade 2, all students learn about boats and buoyancy. All Grade 3 students learn about the country of Tunisia. The big ideas are the same; it is just the language of instruction that changes.

Every February, parents must indicate what program their child will be in and where they would like them to go to school (space permitting) during the upcoming school year. To help parents fully understand the benefits and challenges of French Immersion, we will be holding information sessions prior to February registration month. Stay tuned!

HHE has released a program guide to help you feel confident about continuing to make this choice for your children, to know what to expect if you are new to the program, and a few resources to help support your child even if you don't speak French. 

Heritage Hills - Guide for French Immersion Parents

Elk Island Public Schools - - French Immersion Brochure

We are happy to answer any questions about the French Immersion program. Reach out anytime.