Solar Technology

Heritage Hills Elementary is proud to have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system integrated within our school to help harness the power of solar energy. We're the first school within Elk Island Public Schools to incorporate this technology in our building. Our staff and students are excited to learn more about solar PV technology and the relationships between science, technology and the environment. 

Not only will the solar PV system help provide power for our school, but it will also provide students with first-hand learning opportunities related to solar energy. This solar technology system creates cross-curricular learning opportunities in Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

Throughout the school year, student will:

  • learn how solar energy production happens;
  • learn how the location and angles of the solar panels impact energy production;
  • learn how weather impacts solar energy generation;
  • track solar energy production against the school's energy consumption;
  • calculate cost savings for the school based on the energy generated onsite by the solar PV system; and
  • have opportunities to share what they've learned with their families and the larger school community.